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Who you use for an investigation is the single most important factor in the outcome of the investigation. We have been conducting quality investigations and helping our clients for over 15 years.  We specialize in a number of areas including background checks, asset searches, people locates, as well as surveillance and counter-surveillance.  While our extensive investigation experience is critical to your success, it is not the only factor.  Our approach to investigations is also a key element in our success. Learn more about how our investigative approach can help you>

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While there are hundreds of private investigators available, at Klitzke & Associates you will receive the hands-on service that can make the difference between receiving accurate results or just getting another empty search. At many large companies, all the research and reporting is done by staff members who are focused on getting as many tasks done as quickly as possible, regardless of the results. With Klitzke & Associates all of our investigative services are conducted and reviewed by a licensed private investigator to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards, and most importantly, that we have exhausted all the options available to get to the answers our clients are looking for.

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